Climate Alpha Round

To get the climate round estimate, my plan was to:


Gitcoin chose to use the methodology employed by to assess the climate impact Grants Round 12 activity on Ethereum mainnet. provides a thorough, well-explained methodology for estimating the carbon footprint of Ethereum transactions.

For Gitcoin’s estimation, we included:

Gas consumed by all the transactions sent to the contract on Ethereum mainnet between Block 13722253 and Block 13819261, the duration of GR12. 359994125
Gas consumed by the grants claim There were a similar number of grant projects in GR12, so they felt this was a reasonable proxy. 30249823
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|’s HIGH estimate for CO2e emissions per unit of gas | 0.0003895583921 | | Multiply total gas x CO2e emissions per unit of gas | ~152,022.80 kg CO2 emitted |

<aside> πŸ’Ž 152.0 metric tonnes of CO2e emitted from GR12 mainnet activity


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